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Each of us knows the scent of lavender and from childhood. Then the memory of the beautiful purple fields filled with fragrance and freshness comes to mind. Lavender is an ancient remedy that our ancestors used to take care of their health and beauty. Even then, people had knowledge of the healing properties of this fragrant and useful flower growing on our lands. Even today, Bulgarian lavender is globally recognized as a valuable natural resource. We all know that this is not the result of marketing, but of the natural beneficial properties of the herb. One of the best cosmetic products contains Bulgarian lavender.

Lavender oil for a restful sleep

It is no accident that lavender is involved as a universal ingredient in pillows. It has a calming effect that promotes healthy sleep. Like other herbs, the lavender scent acts instantly on the senses and can help you feel better and forget about stress.

It is also a natural antidepressant.