A common problem in families with babies or young children is restless sleep, teething and colic. That’s when Sleeper products come to the rescue. The concept of our products lies in the key phrase “restful sleep”.

It is important for us to contribute to the harmony in every home and become good helpers to all tired parents, babies and children.

Our products will become part of the bedtime routine, contribute favorably to a good night’s sleep, reduce constant awakenings, reduce stress in your child, and relieve tummy and digestive problems, pain and irritability from teething.

Sleeper products are primarily created for newborns, babies and toddlers.

Sleeper sprays are designed for external use only!

The spray is dispersed in the sleeping room, on bedding, sleeping chairs, prams, toys, pillows, etc.

This makes the use of Sleeper Bedtime Sleep Spray completely safe even for newborns.

Sleeper teas for colic, teething and peaceful sleep are aimed specifically at newborns and small babies with typical problems for their age. But they are also suitable for older children who suffer from sleep problems, teething, and stomach irritations.

Essential oils have been proven to be beneficial for young and old, and this is a well-known fact.

For centuries, oils have been used to treat or prevent many ailments, sleep disorders, excessive irritability and restlessness.

In our products, the essential oils are in an acceptable amount so that they can be used on small babies. They have a composition with a precise formula that limits possible allergic reactions to a minimum.

It is a spray only for external use, without direct contact on the skin, eyes or mouth of the baby, which makes its use even safer.

All our baby teas can be used by mothers. Because with the intake of our herbal teas, all the beneficial properties are transmitted through the mother’s breast milk. That is why we advise that the teas are also taken by breastfeeding women in order to achieve a better result.

Sleeper products are designed for long-lasting and consistent use.

Our products are completely natural, in precise proportions and proven safe for daily use.

Sleeper teas can be offered between all meals, but not as a meal replacement.

Our products are based on high-class essential oils and herbs of reliable origin. But like all completely natural products, their use must be long-term and constant in order to reach the desired effect.

Even after reaching the desired goal, we advise you to continue using them, as a preventive measure against the return of restless sleep, colic, and eating disorders.

Frankincense oil is obtained from the dried and distilled resin of various species of similar trees called Boswellia.

In the past, it was valued more than gold.

Used for 5000 years and is considered sacred, due to its extraordinary beneficial properties. In the Bible, frankincense is mentioned as the king of oils.

The soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of frankincense oil have been proven by history and modern science. A number of studies over the past few years have confirmed that it helps with a good sleep by relieving stress, calming tension and eliminating inflammation. That’s why is called the king of essential oils.

Its sweet woody aroma works and helps with sleep problems related to stress and anxiety. Its earthy aroma also makes it easier to fall asleep. In addition, frankincense oil improves breathing, allowing the body to reach the ideal temperature for sleep and reduces pain – also an obstacle to quality sleep.

Chamomile oil has a pain-relieving, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect.

The benefits of essential oil for the body are numerous. But chamomile oil is known and proven to have a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

The main properties of chamomile are:

– Balancing

– Anti-inflammatory

– Soothing

– Relieving

– For children

A soothing oil that relieves a state of irritability, restlessness and intolerance. An excellent remedy for dealing with insomnia. It reduces stress and feelings of fear.

Chamomile essential oil has no special precautions. A safe oil that is suitable for infants and children, and for sensitive people.

Lavender is an ancient remedy that our ancestors used to take care of their health and beauty. Even then, people had knowledge of the healing properties of this fragrant and useful flower growing on our lands. Even today, Bulgarian lavender is globally recognized as a valuable natural resource. We all know that this is not the result of marketing, but of the natural beneficial properties of the herb.

It is no accident that lavender is involved as a universal ingredient in pillows. It has a calming effect that promotes healthy sleep. Like other herbs, the lavender scent acts instantly on the senses and can help you feel better and forget about stress.

It is also a natural antidepressant.