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Frankincense oil is obtained from the dried and distilled resin of various species of similar trees called Boswellia.

In the past, it was valued more than gold.

Used for 5000 years and is considered sacred, due to its extraordinary beneficial properties. In the Bible, frankincense is mentioned as the king of oils.

The soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of frankincense oil have been proven by history and modern science. A number of studies over the past few years have confirmed that it helps with a good sleep by relieving stress, calming tension and eliminating inflammation. It’s called the king of essential oils for a reason, and you can be sure that you won’t go wrong with it!

Restful sleep and benefits of Frankincense oil

Its sweet woody aroma works and helps with sleep problems related to stress and anxiety. Its earthy aroma also makes it easier to fall asleep. Frankincense oil also improves breathing, allowing the body to reach the ideal temperature for sleep and reduces pain.